A better quality of care

HealthMeeting® is a Clinical Collaboration Platform able to connect clinical specialists together, allowing them to share relevant information, supporting a collaborative research approach through the newest web technologies.

HealthMeeting® is the best solution to organize and manage multidisciplinary meetings: eg. Tumor Boards, Integrated Care Pathways and many more, via every kind of devices, also remotely.

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HealthMeeting® simplifies the organization, the management and the follow up of multidisciplinary meetings and digitally supports the workflow of meetings, encouraging the study and evaluation of those cases that require the joint investigation of various Practitioners.

  • Connect

    Medical Practitioners in teams

  • Integrate

    With current Hospital Systems

  • Simplify

    The collaboration process

  • Protect

    Patients privacy

  • Improve

    The care quality

Better Connection, best Cooperation!

HealthMeeting® connects final users (doctors and medical specialists) in mono and multidisciplinay teams through a clinical specialized, user friendly, customizable and multiaccessible system.

Clinical Planning System
  • Scheduling system
  • Clinical data
  • Clinical history

for different specialties: Colorectal Team, Breast Unit…

Configurable Meeting
  • Tumor board / GOM
  • Second Opinion
  • Videoconference
  • Teleconference
  • Follow up
  • PDTA
  • PC or MAC
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Better Integration, best process support

HealthMeeting® provides an advanced integration system with multiple data sources through a middleware that communicates directly with hospital repositories in a standard way (HL7 or XDS) and with the image archive (PACS) via DICOM protocol.





Simplify the process leading to the best cure

HealthMeeting® allows to plan meetings by selecting documents/images of patients from different sources: Repository, PACS, FSE or directly uploading files.



Patients Registry, Repository, PACS

Care Agreement

Protect sensitive data complying with GDPR

HealthMeeting® is a platform privacy oriented which allows practitioners to collaborate even remotely,sharing documents, reports and images, in a secure way.

Doctor 1

Doctor 2


Patient Privacy OK!

Improve the quality of care

As the complexity of patients increases, the use of the HealthMeeting® platform leads to an improvement in quality care, simplifying the organization, management and effectiveness of team work.

1. Better connection, best cooperation!

2. Better integration, best support

3. Simplify the process leading to the best cure

4. Protect sensitive data complying with GDPR

5. Improve the quality of the cure

HealthMeeting® supports every day the top hospital organizations to develop a multidisciplinary collaboration and contributes to increase the quality of care.
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